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Our Outdoor and River Sports Travel Insurance covers trips in Turkey involving sport. This policy includes full cover for sport with £10 million medical cover as well as travel insurance benefits such as baggage and personal effects protection, delayed travel and cancellation.

Rafting (or white water rafting) unites skill and muscle power in the navigation of rivers, which usually have fast-flowing rapids, drops, rocks and other hazards to negotiate. Rafting is a thrilling sport which demands co-ordination from all team members as they pit their paddles against the rushing water.

It is really important to wear safety equipment such as a helmet and life jacket when rafting, as it can be very easy to fall into the water or for the entire raft to capsize. Wetsuits are usually worn to provide insulation against the cold, fast-flowing water. Our insurance covers rafting undertaken as part of travel abroad and as an activity in Turkey.

Our rafting insurance is available as different options to cover waters up to grade 3, grade 4 &5 and above grade 5 waters. We also cover black water rafting. Simply select the option you require on our quote page.

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