Köprülü Kanyon National Park Rafting

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Köprülü Canyon National Park, Antalya - Turkey

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Koprulu Canyon national park is Turkey's most visited touristical place with it's rich endemic vegetation, historical monuments, remains from civilizations during the centuries and spectacular views..

Köprülü Canyon national park is Turkish Riviera's number one outdoor sports and river sports center. The region is very populer for white water water river rafting, river kayaking, canoeing, canyoning, camping, 4x4 jeep safari, biking, hiking, hunting, ATV safari, river fishing, rock climbing and many others...

Köprülü Canyon take place high in mountains, 96km northeast of Antalya. It is one of the Turkey's National Parks. Köprülü Canyon stretches for 14 km along the Köpru River and is 400 meters deep in some places. Above it there are ruins of the Roman city of Selge. This is the place for who like outdoor activities: Rafting in the mountains, hiking, or to explore the ruins of the Roman theater, city walls, and Temple of Zeus in the mountain town of Selge (Altınkaya).

Köprülü (Turkish: Köprülü Kanyon) is a canyon and a National Park in the Province of Antalya, Turkey. The canyon stretches for 14 km along the Köprü River and is 400 metres deep in some places. At the rest area there are fish restaurants offering delicious food especially fresh trout. The Roman Oluk Bridge over the canyon and the Bugrum Bridge over the Kocadere stream were engineering feats of their time.

How to get to Koprulu Canyon National Park ?
Northeast of Antalya on the Side road take the turn off for Tasagil and Beşkonak, for the beautiful circular, scenic route that leads to the Koprulu Canyon National Park. The road criss-crosses over the clear, flowing water of the mountain river and passes through virgin forests and over rippling waterfalls. Reaching the park, 92 km from Antalya, you will encounter a valley of wild beauty rich in flora and fauna.

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